Soneva Jani

  • Luxury
  • 5 star
  • 25 villas
  • Domestic Flight & Speadboat/Seaplane
  • 40 min
  • 148
  • Noonu Atoll
  • Medhufaru Island
  • Soneva Jani is a luxurious resort in the Maldives featuring 25 stunningly fancy Water Villas and Island Sanctuaries. Set within the 5.6 kilometer vibrant Medhufaru lagoon of Noonu Atoll in the Maldives, the resort can be reached by a 40-minute scenic seaplane flight from Velana International Airport.

The resort with the rooms that have the Water Slides, yup! That is Soneva Jani an amazing island in Noonu Atoll, Maldives. Soneva Jani Features unique, modern, lavish Villas and retreats built on the Water and also an extremely private Island Reserve like no other in the Maldives or in the world for that matter. Retractable roofs, private pools, open-air bathrooms and of course the Waterslides give the resort an edge over other Maldives resorts.
The island is easily accessible 40 minutes by seaplane or an hour on a speedboat will get you there. The resort promises an unforgettable experience, including a range of outlets to dine from. Fresh fruits, Seafood, Pizzas, Gourmet desserts and other tempting delights await you at this Fantasy Island. Soneva Jani is everyone’s cup of tea, Families with kids, honeymoon couples, groups, and even adventure seekers, there is plenty of fun to be had and a lot to experience. Soneva Jani is owned and operated by Sonu and Eva who own the Eco-friendly Soneva brand that includes Soneva Fushi, Soneva In Aqua in the Maldives and Soneva Kiri in Thailand.


Soneva Jani is located on the island of Medhufaru, located in the Maldives’ Noonu Atoll. One of the largest islands in the Maldives and highly accessible, Medhufaru is only 40 minutes by seaplane from Malé International Airport and one hour by speedboat from Soneva Fushi.

Soneva Jani is comprised of Water Retreats, Water Reserves and Island Reserves. All of these villas have two floors and feature a large master bedroom, with adjacent kids sleeping area, as well as a private pool and deck with lounge area. Each water villa has direct access to the lagoon, and some have slides from the upper floor to the lagoon! Water villas also have a retractable roof in each master bedroom, which offers fantastic stargazing opportunities. There are TV and sound systems throughout the property, and each villa features an open-air bathroom as well as three different dining areas. Walk-in 'mini-bars' are provided in each villa, complete with a private wine cellar collection.

Villa Type of Soneva Jani

1 Bedroom Water Retreat

1 Bedroom Water Retreat

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• Mr. or Ms. Friday (Butler) service • Spacious master bedroom, with adjoining kids sleeping area • TV & sound system with extensive movie & music playlists • Open-air bathroom with tub, showe... read more

1 Bedroom Water Retreat

1 Bedroom Water Retreat

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The 1 Bedroom Water Retreat that comes with a kids sleeping area is a real treat. With an outdoor shower, a private pool, plenty of areas to lounge in or dine both indoors and outdoors, a walk in mini... read more

1 Bedroom Water Retreat With Slide

1 Bedroom Water Retreat With Slide

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The 1 Bedroom Water Retreat that comes with a kids sleeping area is a real treat. With an outdoor shower, a private pool, plenty of areas to lounge in or dine both indoors and outdoors, a walk in mini... read more

2 Bedroom Water Retreat

2 Bedroom Water Retreat

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The Two Bedroom Water Retreat offers endless ways for you to relax and enjoy a fun family vacation, friendly get together or a private getaway. The Retreat features two bedrooms one on each floor with... read more

2 Bedroom Water Retreat With Slide

2 Bedroom Water Retreat With Slide

Limited Rooms Available! Get yours
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The Two Bedroom Water Retreat with slide offers endless ways for you to relax and enjoy a fun family vacation, friendly get together or a private getaway. The Retreat features two bedrooms one on each... read more

3 Bedroom Water Reserve

3 Bedroom Water Reserve

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The 3 bedroom Water reserve is also spread out across two floors with plenty of place to stretch your legs and just laze around in the warmth of the Sun sipping cocktails all night and day. The reserv... read more

4 Bedroom Water Reserve

4 Bedroom Water Reserve

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If you love luxury and living on the water this is the place for you. A spacious hideaway that offers complete privacy for its dwellers. A large family can spend their vacation comfortably in one thes... read more

4 Bedroom Island Reserve

4 Bedroom Island Reserve

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The only room type available at Soneva Jani for those who would rather live on the beach. The island reserve comes with a large pool that can be accessed from all the 4 rooms spread across a large are... read more

Cinema Paradiso

Our overwater, open air cinema is located in a tranquil bay to the south of the island. Chef will create a perfect menu to accompany the evening’s film.

Special Diets

Soneva is committed to offering a wide range of culinary and dietary options for our guests. We can prepare special menus and exquisite dining options for guests who are vegetarian, vegan, celiac, gluten-intolerant, and who may have other food allergies.

So Cool

Soneva is famous for its complimentary Ice Cream, Chocolate, and at Soneva Jani they are all here in So Cool, with over 50 flavours of ice creams to choose from, handmade chocolates from our in-house chocolatiers and gourmet charcuterie, cheeses and preserves to be enjoyed throughout the day and evening. Our Sushi & Sashimi cold shelf and Wine Cellar are also a part of So Cool.

The Gathering Wine Cellar

Housed in the extraordinary wine tower within the Gathering, the Wine Cellar features a selection that includes mostly organic or biodynamic wines.

Zuhairs Island

Available for a relaxed beach lunch from 12:00 – 15:00 hrs
Tucked away on the secluded North Island, set in the lagoon close to the Water Villas is the perfect spot for swimming, snorkelling and time in the sun. Enjoy a delightful lunch on our private beach, prepared by the chef using only what he can catch or pick.

The Gathering Bar

From morning until night, from 7.00am until the last person heads to bed
Enjoy refreshing coolers, cocktails and tapas any time of the day at the daybeds and overwater catamaran nets overlooking the sparkling waters and the breath taking sunset.

So Starstruck

Come gaze into the night sky at the twinkling jewel-like stars at our Observatory, the first overwater observatory in the Maldives. This popular experience has awed and amazed guests of all ages at Soneva Fushi and Soneva Kiri, and we’ve made the observatory at Soneva Jani even better.
Soneva Jani boasts the largest telescope in the Maldives; a beautiful blue 16” Schmidt-Cassegrain designed scope named Eleos. At So Starstruck, our observatory dining deck, the telescope rises up through the floor, offering our guests enchanted views of the starry sky. Two massive doors swing up and open from the floor and from the dark depths below, Eleos starts to ascend sitting proudly on her custom made 6m high mask.
After she rises, the doors close and she rests down into her position ready to show her guests several mysterious objects of the night sky. Her sheer size and magnification power means objects close to Earth such as Jupiter, Saturn and the Moon look breathtaking in their detail. Atmospheric storms, ring systems and even craters within craters become so clear that the sight of them gets confused for photos seen in magazines.
Not only does Eleos like to showcase close celestial objects but her clarity allows deep sky objects to be viewed and appreciated as well. One of the furthest objects away that she can see is M104, the Sombrero Galaxy. This galaxy sits 31 million light years away meaning Eleos allows us to see this galaxy how it was 31 million years ago. Our resident Astronomer is on-hand to help navigate the skies for our guests and answer any questions.
With only four dining tables, all of which are linked to screens connected to the telescope, dinner at so Starstruck is a truly ‘out of this world’ experience and not to be missed.

So Engaging

So Engaging is our chefs table offering a mystery menu for 5 very special guests. At Deckadence and our Starlight table, dine under the stars where you can choose from any of the menus the Chef is creating, or try the ultimate stargazing dinner at So Starstruck.

So Imaginative

Our exquisite tasting room, open in the evenings from 19:30 – 22:30 hrs
Trick your mind and taste buds with culinary chemistry within So Imaginative, Soneva’s experimental tasting room. The sommeliers create inspired wine tastings and wine dinners, selecting the perfect pairings from the cellar.

So Fresh

The day begins here with an endless spread of fresh fruits, comforting classics and creative juices from our Juice Bar. The day continues with a bountiful buffet of organic garden salads and live cooking stations with our wood burning pizza oven, tandoors and grills with bespoke pizzas and freshly caught and grilled to order fish. Sunset aperitvos lead into our mouthwatering evening menus. The sun sets and the Chef takes the stage in the central open kitchen So Fresh, where he creates a myriad of choices.

The Gathering

The heart of the resort, the Gathering is a three-storey overwater structure that is home to various dining outlets, as well as the spa, library, retail area and wine cellar. It is located next to the Observatory.
Open at all hours of the day and night for drinking, dining, socializing, and daydreaming. The hours of the main restaurants in the Gathering are from 7:30-10:30 hrs for breakfast, 12.30-14.30 hrs for lunch and 19:30-22:30 hrs for dinner.
The heart of the resort, here the day begins with a generous selection of hand-picked fruits, creative juices from the Juice Bar and comforting classics. During the day, guests can indulge in freshly-baked pizzas from the wood-fired oven, tandoors and grills at live cooking stations, and freshly caught and grilled-to-order seafood. On every Tuesday we will host an Asian buffet dinner after the Management cocktail at the Zuhairs Beach.


Private Sunset Dolphin Cruise for the Family
Treat your family to an exclusive experience never to be forgotten. Enjoy the sunset and watch the playful dolphins on a private cruise in the Maldivian waters, all while indulging in a selection of canapes, champagne and mocktails for the little ones. Although dolphin sightings are not guaranteed, we know their favourite areas to play.

Children’s Experiences
Our children’s facilities offer a wide range of activities for our youngest Soneva guests to enjoy. Build a sand castle on Medhufaru’s gorgeous beach, go on a nature trail hike or sail together on our fantastic catamaran.

The Gardens & Labyrinth

Medhufaru island, the largest island of Soneva Jani, was home to a farm for 10 years before Soneva Jani was conceptualized. The extensive gardens on the isle are still supplying the fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms to the resort’s kitchens, as well as to Soneva Fushi.
Wander through the Labyrinth, a meditative maze created out of ficus hedge that follows an ancient circular pattern.


Robinson Crusoe Castaway Picnic
Prepare yourself for the ultimate Robinson Crusoe experience. Our boats will whisk you away to one of the deserted islands within our lagoon, with your picnic basket, snorkelling gear, sunbeds and umbrella and leave you to enjoy the pure tranquility of a true castaway paradise.

North Beach Private Sunrise Breakfast
Let us whisk you away to North tip of the jetty, where a wonderful continental breakfast, prepared on the sea shore, awaits. As you delight in a delicious morning meal, bask in the almost spiritual moment of the sun rising as the waves lap gently onto the seashore.

Sunset Dolphin Cruise
Enjoy an out-of-this-world experience watching playful dolphins in the light of the setting sun. Cruise the deeper water while indulging in a selection of canapes and sparkling wine, making some wonderful memories along the way. Although dolphin sightings are not guaranteed, we know their favourite areas to play.

Sonu’s Picnic
Take your desert island experience to another level, and try Sonu’s favourite – lunch on a desert island prepared by your own personal chef. Dip yourself in the crystal clear blue lagoon with our in-house snorkelling guide while your chef prepares gourmet temptations in the most romantic of settings.

Private Beach Dinner
An exclusive invite to the most private beach dinner on the South Beach of our beautiful lagoon, only a short boat ride away from The Gathering. Take your place at a beautifully-made table on the water’s edge and enjoy a delicious bespoke menu, created to suit your culinary palate.

Cooking Classes
Learn to cook your favourite dishes in The Gathering’s beautiful Open Kitchen. Our chefs will personally guide you through the ingredients and preparations and once your cooking is finished you can take your seat and enjoy the fruits of your labour, accompanied by a glass of champagne.

Full Moon Dinner
A unique dining experience prepared only once a month over the lunar cycle in celebration of the full moon. Entertain your appetite with dinner under a brightly lit night sky, served on the sandbar of Baraveli Beach. Please ask your Mr/Ms Friday for this month’s full moon dates.


Medhufaru Lagoon Snorkelling
Get a glimpse of the extensive ocean marine life as you snorkel through the Medhufaru lagoon reef, guided by our resident marine biologist. Relish an aquatic discovery of each and every species of sea life, with a lucky few encountering our stunning Atoll native sea turtles and rays.

Noonu Atoll Guided Snorkelling
Take an aquatic adventure through the waters of Noonu Atoll and discover the diversity of Maldivian marine life, guided by our resident Marine Biologist. Our Atoll native sea turtles and rays may make a special appearance, as you unearth the magnificence of life below the sea.

Diving at Soneva Jani
The Soleni Dive Centre’s multi-lingual PADI instructors and the small dive group sizes ensure that you get a world-class diving experience, whether you’re doing your first or your hundredth dive. There are many dive sites with rich marine life around the resort, sure to tempt all marine enthusiasts.

Non-Motorized Water Sports
We offer a range of complimentary non-motorized water sports, including kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing and catamarans. Private tuition is available at an additional charge on an hourly basis.


Private Stargazing
Experience a night under the stars, at the first overwater observatory in the Maldives. Learn about the secrets of the night sky with our Astronomer. Choose to combine your astronomical experience with dinner at So Starstruck, for a magical over water dining experience under the stars.

Astronomical Dinner Cruise
Join us for an unforgettable astronomical adventure, where you will head out into the Indian Ocean for this unique dining experience under the stars. An astronomical adventure under the night sky, head out into the Maldivian ocean in a landing craft for this unique dining experience. Enjoy dinner and wines while watching the sun set over the Indian Ocean, before learning the secrets of the sky from our expert resident Astronomer.

So Starstruck Astronomy Dinner
Come to the state of the art, James Bond inspired observatory for an out of this world dining experience. Sit back and enjoy great food and drink as the in-house Astronomer takes you through a journey of the night sky and beyond. Using a 16” telescope that rises from the ground, there is plenty to see, talk about and learn.

Midnight Astronomy Picnic
For a once in a lifetime experience why not join the astronomer and experience a midnight picnic on the local sandbank underneath the stars, Moon and Milky Way? Spend the evening laying down and chatting with your personal Astronomer as he focuses greatly on cultural astronomy. Cultural astronomy is the study of how ancient cultures have used the night sky for orientation, harvesting, hunting and of course stories to teach what is right and what is wrong. Do not worry, your astronomer is more than happy to point out the constellations and to talk science with you, so make sure to bring your curiosity with you for this very unique picnic in the Maldives.
Included in the price is your boat transfer, food hamper, picnic blankets and Astronomer with a laser pointer and small telescope, as well as champagne.

Private Villa/Beach Astronomy Tours
If you would like an exclusive astronomy experience, then why not travel with the in-house Astronomer to a local sandbank or beach that sits further away from the lights of the resort? Traveling by boat, you will get whisked away to an elusive remote location where you will get a personal and intimate astronomy experience. This experience can be either a standalone astronomy experience or it can be enhanced by adding an amazing food and drink package.
Sunrise Astronomy
Start the day by connecting with what is around you and beyond. Starting early in the morning at 5am, you will make your way to the James Bond-style observatory where you will be treated to a different sky than what can be seen from earlier in the night.Connect to the entire Universe as the in-house Astronomer takes you on a journey uniting the Earth to the sky andthe cosmos. This tour includes a yummy breakfast which you can enjoy while looking at the gorgeous sun rising over the villas.


The library is located on the top deck of The Gathering and offers an inspiring and informative selection of literature on the Maldives and its magnificent underwater world. Browse the shelves and discover a different world amongst the pages. Get a preview of the amazing species you will discover on your next snorkeling or diving experience.

Shop And Gallery

The shop includes a range of beautiful clothing, jewellery, handicrafts, books, homewares and gifts that reflect the beautiful island.


The over-water Soneva Jani spa will be closer to a lifestyle centre, than a traditional, standardised spa. Inspired by the resort’s name (Jani means wisdom in Sanskrit), guests will be encouraged to learn new skills and to rethink their lifestyles with a focus on wellness. Our in-house experts will be on hand to offer advice to assist guests to heal, move, and ‘be’. Sitting above and within a stunning 5 kilometre lagoon, Soneva Jani’s spa will be surrounded by astonishingly turquoise waters…the perfect setting to enjoy treatments and work towards a healthier, purer, and happier self!. Spa treatments are complemented by the fully-equipped gym and yoga pavilion as well as sauna and steam rooms.