Amilla Fushi

  • Ultra Luxury
  • 5 star
  • 70 villas
  • Domestic Flight & Speadboat/Seaplane
  • 30 min
  • 125
  • Baa Atoll
  • Finolhus
  • Amilla Fushi Resort Maldives offering different high end luxury services to client over the globe. Amilla fushi resort & spa, Luxury Beach is the escape to Maldives for your holidays.

Amilla Fushi Maldives

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Amilla is the brand getting more popular among the customer over the globe due to its high end luxurious services provided to customers.
Amilla Fushi is a quintessential, amilla fushi Maldives or amilla fushi baa atoll Maldives located in Baa Atoll offering you a choice of amilla fushi island homes that hover over crystal clear waters, nestle amongst lush tree tops or hug the shores of pristine white sand.
Amilla Fushi Baa Atoll is one of the 26 natural atolls in the Indian Ocean and declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. Home to some of the richest waters in the Maldives, it provides a peaceful, unspoiled haven for protected marine life.
Reach your exclusive island destination in just 30 minutes from Male International Airport by seaplane or take a 15 minute flight to Dharavandhoo Domestic Airport in Baa Atoll and a short 10 minute speedboat ride to Amilla.

All 70 amilla fushi resort Maldives homes feature sleek contemporary designs and cool wooden decks, as well as private swimming pools, indoor and outdoor showers, free Wi-Fi, mini bar, 42-inch flat-screens and Bose surround sound systems.


Reach your exclusive island destination by seaplane in just 30 minutes from Malé International Airport or take a 15 minute flight to Dharavandhoo Domestic Airport in Baa Atoll followed by a short 10 minute speedboat ride to Amilla Fushi Maldives Beach Resort.

Amilla Fushi Accommodation

Amilla Fushi offers you a choice of island homes that hover over crystal clear waters, nestle amongst the tree tops or hug the shores of pristine white sand – a modern response to ancient pleasures on the floating prime that is nature’s answer to perfection.

Villa Type of Amilla Fushi

Ocean Reef House

Ocean Reef House

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250 SQM in Size For those that can’t get enough of marine life the Ocean Reef House is a match made in heaven. Ocean Reef Houses are positioned right on the edge of the reef and gives you direct acc... read more

Beach House

Beach House

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450 SQM in SizeSurrounded by lavish tropical greenery of the Maldives the Beach House is your decisive choice if you are a beach lover. The Beach House comes with your own private courtyard with swing... read more

Lagoon House Sunset View

Lagoon House Sunset View

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Amilla Fushi Lagoon House Overlooking the breath taking turquoise blue lagoon and offering uninterrupted sunset views, the Lagoon Water Villas are your own private oasis which will create an unspoiled... read more

Ocean Lagoon House

Ocean Lagoon House

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Amilla Fushi Lagoon House Start by enjoying the warm ocean breeze and spend the day swimming in your fresh water swimming pool or in the Lagoon. Slide the curtains open to treat yourself to an afterno... read more

Family 2Bedroom Ocean Lagoon House

Family 2Bedroom Ocean Lagoon House

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Whether you are holidaying with your family or enjoying a well deserved vacation with a group of friends, the stylish 400 sqm 2 Bedroom Maldives Ocean Lagoon Villas offer a prime location overlooking ... read more

Family 2Bedroom Beach House

Family 2Bedroom Beach House

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Amilla Fushi spacious house combined with an absolute tropical indulgence of two separated bedrooms, one with a king size bed and one with two-twin beds, additionally as well featuring a living area f... read more

Four Bedroom Beach Residence

Four Bedroom Beach Residence

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From their ultra-modern Miami-esque architecture to their stunning minimalist interiors, the six sublime 4 Bedroom Villa Residences deliver lashings of style. Each offers four supremely comfortable b... read more

The Great Beach Residence 8 Bedrooms

The Great Beach Residence 8 Bedrooms

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This Miami-stye paeon to contemporary architecture is the largest of the eight hyper-luxury Amilla Beach Villa Residences. It is perfect for multiple families and large groups of friends who seek pal... read more

The Amilla Estate 6 Bedrooms

The Amilla Estate 6 Bedrooms

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Super-savvy travellers, privacy seekers and celebrities alike have been quick to discover the Amilla Villa Estate – perhaps the Maldives’ most sought-after six-bedroom home. This glorious beachfr... read more

The 1 OAK Lounge

The 1 OAK Lounge serves a selection of signature cocktails crafted to suit the stunning tropical setting.
The lounge bar downstairs is the perfect destination for an intimate dessert, post-dinner drinks or grooving to live DJs until late. It also hosts a selection of Japanese whiskeys and is a superb way to round o the evening.


From great wines and cocktails to refreshing beverages for all - we've got it. Guests can now enjoy unlimited beverages from a selection of cocktails, assorted spirits and wines from the wine cellar as well as non alcoholic beverages from the available menu.

Amilla Fushi Visiting Chef’s & Partnerships

As part of Amilla Fushi’s always exciting and ever-evolving food and beverage offerings we have created a visiting chef’s programme that allows us to introduce internationally renowned culinary talents as well as world famous brands to enhance our guests Amilla island experiences.

Amilla Fushi Destination Dining

Amilla Fushi fresh approach towards dining and the never ending creativity of our chefs, Amilla Fushi Destination Dining boasts various unforgettable island dining experiences to choose from. Take your pick here:

Mystique Garden
Amilla Fushi Destination Dining boasts a new setting on the island called Mystique Garden that offers you a whole new level of personalized dining experiences.

Amilla magical location for a dining event like no other. Family style cuisine served to a backdrop of enchantment with a dash of Amilla sparkle.
Choose from amilla of our carefully crafted set menus or amilla tailor that special experience with your private chef to your personal liking. There is no limit - let your imagination run wild.

Amilla Sandbank Destination Dining
The perfect setting for the ultimate romantic dining experience by the ocean. Taylor your experience, with either a beach BBQ or picnic style menu.

Amilla Wine and cheese tasting
The wine shop houses a wine cellar with 8000 bottles of wines.
Guests can either choose a case of wine or a single bottle of their choice. Operating as a cellar door, guests can also partake in curated wine tastings accompanied with a selection of artisanal cheeses or special wine dinners for those who enjoy food & wine pairings from special wine makers all over the world.

Amilla Emperor Beach Club

At the heart of the island, the Emperor Beach Club is Amilla’s epicentre of fun and games for guests of all ages. Along with the Emperor General Store and Wine Shop & Cellar Door, it is also home to the water sports centre; the Sultan’s Village kids club; the Fashion Boutique and Kiwi St. Tropez pop up store; the Shutterfish Photography Studio, as well as a teens activity area featuring a badminton court; beach volleyball court and mini futsal. It also has an outdoor cinema. Guests can also stock up for beach BBQs and picnics at the gourmet café-deli The Emperor General Store or sample fine wines and artisanal cheeses at The Wine Shop & Cellar Door’s popular wine tastings or wine dinners.

During the day, guests can listen to smooth beach club beats and indulge in tasty treats from the BBQ and snack menu whilst sipping on delicious cocktails at the Emperor Beach Club.

Amilla Baazaar

Amilla Baazaar, centred around our 1200 sqm pool is the hub of the island.
Guests come here to mingle or sip a cocktail at the bar whilst taking in the breathtaking view. A food ‘Amilla baazaar’ of diverse culinary offerings from around the world where you will find something to suit your palate, whether it be Asian, grill or seafood.

Feeling Koi

Our breathtaking overwater signature restaurant offers authentic modern Japanese dining presented in a playful, Latin-influenced style. Shared dishes are prepared using the finest quality ingredients and they feature simple yet exquisite presentation with a Latin twist. Bringing an informal and laid-back Izakaya-style dining to the Indian Ocean archipelago, Feeling Koi infuses the Japanese gastro pub concept with warm service and a generous pinch of signature Amilla pizzazz.
The restaurant features a Japanese-inspired minimalist design, a private open-air dining room and open deck seating by the water’s edge, an open kitchen and a climate-controlled Sake library/private dining room. The 1 OAK Lounge serves a selection of signature cocktails crafted to suit the stunning tropical setting. The lounge bar downstairs is the perfect destination for an intimate dessert, post-dinner drinks or grooving to live DJs until late. It also hosts a selection of Japanese whiskeys and is a superb way to round off the evening.
For guests who like to make an entrance Feeling Koi is accessible by direct seaplane or speedboat or for those who prefer a more discreet arrival it can be accessed via a jetty over the lagoon.

Amilla Heroes

We regularly host visiting aquatic and marine “Amilla Heroes” that offer specialized workshops, courses, discussions and activities in a variety of fields including Amilla diving, Amilla marine biology, Amilla water sports, Amilla free diving, Amilla photography, Amilla sustainability, and conservation. Amilla heroes are here to enhance your holiday, by creating special once in- a-lifetime experiences and memories that will last for years to come.

Amilla Underwater Activities

Amilla Photo & Video Services
Dive Butler Amilla offers private photo and video shoots so that you can enhance the memories of your trip with professional images or videos of your time in this magnificent part of the world. This service is available for all of our in-water and underwater activities.

Amilla Retail
We offer an array of items related to our activities at Amilla retail shop. Come in to browse our range of masks, fins, snorkels, rash guards, Gopros, diving books and plenty of other items. If you’re seeking something that you don’t see among our items, please let us know and we’ll do our best to source the requested item(s) for you locally.

Amilla Boat Charter

Chartering a private vessel is without a doubt the best way to experience the beauty of the Maldives in total luxury and style; it gives you the freedom to do what you want when you want without the limitations of a scheduled excursion. Choose from our collection of on-site vessels, or ask for access to an exclusive selection of motor cruisers, yachts and even superyachts available through our preferred partners. Please note that cancellation policies may differ.

Amilla Diving

The Amilla Dive Butler team is delighted to welcome you to our state-of-the-art Dive and Watersports Center at Amilla Fushi. Here, a combination of the latest technology trends and top end equipment meet to deliver an unforgettable aquatic adventure, all under the watchful eye of our highly qualified underwater experts.

Dive Butler Amilla is an SSI Dive Centre that offers a full range of scuba diving courses, from entry level right through to professional certification. We have a passionate team of handpicked multilingual instructors that have lived and worked all over the world.

Amilla Dive Butler specializes in private - semi-private tuition, allowing any pre-dive anxiety to melt away in the hands of our patient, trustworthy instructors. Our instructors are committed to sharing their passion with others and delight in spreading the wonder and excitement of the underwater realm.

For certified divers, our small group philosophy elevates every dive to an extra special experience. We take pride in delivering seamless service and attention to detail in every single dive, and this is what makes the Dive Butler experience so unique.

Amilla Watersports

Wet and wild, or calm and relaxed: the choice is yours. Our fully equipped Watersports Center offers a range of activities suitable for the whole family. Whether it’s motor fueled action on ‘Tube rides’, Seabob and Jet skis, or wind power pursuits such as Catamaran sailing and windsurfing, our experienced water sports team is on hand to help you safely enjoy time on the water.

Amilla Marine Biologist

Amilla resident Marine Biologist offers unsurpassable insight into the incredible Biosphere Reserve in which Amilla Fushi is located. All marine biologist-led activities are designed to help further the understanding of some of the key features of this complex eco-system, allowing you to appreciate the reasons why your choice of destination is so unique, and also why it’s crucial we protect it.

Our marine bio program offers a holistic approach to marine biology with a strong focus on citizen science and an open sharing platform, so that various organizations such as Marine Mega Fauna, Parley, One Drop Foundation, Seakeepers Society, and Ports of Cause can contribute and partake in our conservation efforts. This is the perfect complement to our “Visiting Heroes” whom we host regularly at Amilla.

Amilla guests can learn about the ocean, pursue an adventure, experience the coral reef and participate in ongoing research to personally make a difference to our fragile environment. We currently contribute to MantaMatcher, an online global database revolutionizing global research on these threatened rays by means of successful and meaningful public involvement. Our manta ray excursion involves an in-depth briefing about these majestic animals and an introduction on how to contribute to our ongoing manta ID database.

Another main focus of the marine biology program is turtles. We currently collaborate with TurtleWatch and the Olive Ridley Project, ongoing open platforms focused on turtle research across the Maldives. We offer the opportunity for you to join our marine biologist on an exciting adventure to swim with these ancient, fascinating reptiles in their natural environment at a nearby reef. The adventure begins with an in-depth briefing on turtles, a lesson on how to ID the species, and a discussion on the threats they face and how we can help to protect them. By sharing your photos with us, you will contribute to our ever-growing database of turtles, which is in turn shared with TurtleWatch.

Amilla Excursions

Throughout your stay at Amilla, the HUB team is on hand to offer scheduled excursions that allow you to sample the delights of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Baa Atoll. Choose the pace of your adventure; whether it’s simply relaxing on a deserted sand bank, snorkeling around stunning coral reefs, or immersing yourself in Maldivian culture with a visit to a local village. Each excursion can be personalized in accordance with the comments below the experience summary. GoPro rentals and video services are available to capture your unforgettable Maldivian experiences, whether on land or at sea.

Amilla Visiting Artists

Originally born in Zimbabwe, London based international exhibiting artist Marc Standing has a wealth of experience in the art world. His work is displayed worldwide from private members clubs to national collections; with his signature style recognized internationally at art awards, charity initiatives as well as solo and group exhibitions.

Amilla Soccer

Suitable for pick-up games or serious 11-a-side matches our all-weather and floodlit soccer field offers a superb playing surface to channel your inner David Beckham.
We schedule regular friendly matches between staff and guests and offer modified children’s competitions.

Amilla Kids Village

We have two specially designed areas on the island of Amilla Fushi Maldives family resort for kids of all ages.
For the younger kids we have a range of indoor & outdoor activities that can inspire both, their mental & physical needs. For the bigger kids we have the Teens Games Area with a billiard table, a juice bar, table tennis and other exciting entertainment options that ensure an amazing time for your kids.

Amillas two floodlit tennis courts

Get your game on and join us at Amilla's two floodlit tennis courts for either an action packed match with friends or family or book a private lesson with our Jim Courier Tennis Pro, an expert tennis player that will make a difference in your tennis game, even in a short amount of time.

Jim Courier Tennis (JCT) is a New York based company that serves guests at Luxury resorts around the world. JCT is one of the top suppliers of tennis coaches in the hospitality industry, providing resorts with a full service tennis program featuring teaching professionals that are the finest in the world.

JCT will ensure that even a short amount of time with their pros will make a difference in your tennis game.

Amilla Hanifaru Bay

Amilla Hanifaru Bay is a marine protected, uninhabited area that is located in the core area of the Biosphere Reserve in Amilla Fushi Baa Atoll, which has long been famous for being one of the best spots for underwater photographers and diving enthusiasts.
Especially during the west monsoon season from May until November, large concentration of plankton gets trapped in the funnel like lagoon, as it washes over the corals and just sits on the surface. When that happens, it attracts large groups of manta rays and whale sharks.
Over the years, Hanifaru Bay has become one of the world’s largest manta ray feeding destinations.

Amilla Fushi Blue Hole

Nestled within Amilla Fushi's house reef and easily accessible by speed boat or a quick swim, the Blue Hole provides a spectacular and unique underwater experience for everyone.
Dive or snorkel trips are available. Please speak to your personal Katheeb or pay a visit to our Dive & Water Sports Centre to receive more information.

Amilla Fushi Baa Atoll

Home to some of the richest waters in The Maldives, Baa Atoll has been declared a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve - an area of natural excellence recognised for its unique harmony between man and nature.
The newly Dharavandhoo Baa Atoll airport is just a 30 minute flight from Malé along the beautiful Maldivian coastline, allowing you to reach your exclusive island destination any time, day or night.

The Spa

The Javvu Spa at Amilla Fushi Maldives Spa Resort is a beautiful, home from home hang out with two sides to its nature – a private side and a social side. You can retreat into the protective canopy of the trees or chill out in the large, communal lounge for your treatments.
We have an ‘open door’ policy and you are welcome to simply stop by and flop, read a magazine on one of the comfy chairs or sofas, shop, nibble and have a drink (champagne and herbal tea) served from the drinks trolley - whether you’re booked in for a treatment or not and the only thing that whispers here are the leaves in the trees.
Our spa at Amilla Fushi Spa Resort in the Maldives is made up of 10 wooden double treatment pods with either a sauna or a steam room, a relaxing tea lounge, our wet area which also includes a no-bookings required sauna and steam room. We have a wonderful spacious outdoor yoga and meditation pavilion.
Our socialising Amilla spa-style area has a specialist barber, hair salon, exclusive manicure and pedicure areas, a beauty bar and relaxation area overlooking the sparkling Indian Ocean.