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The Maldives is a group of tiny, coral islands that make up the 26 atolls (or coral fringed islands) of this island nation just 417 miles (671 kilometers) southwest of India and Sri Lanka. Right smack in the middle of the Indian Ocean where all the magic happens – swimming with whale sharks, perfectly soft white sand, overwater bungalows, underwater restaurants and more! Who would have thought that this side of the world even has that kind of jaw dropping experiences, right?

You are in for a treat as the Maldives is home to luminous cyan-blue water like you’ve never seen elsewhere, swaying “Kurumba” or coconut trees right outside your door, thousands of year old reefs that are beckoning for you to explore, consistently whiter-than-white powder sand that doesn’t burn when you walk barefoot, almost perfect beach weather year-round, delectable delicacies and meals that give Michelin chefs a run for their money, and over the top accommodations with all the modern necessities wrapped up in nicely, rustic designs!

Those are just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak. There are so many more to experience and explore when you visit this island country which is why over a million visitors per year make it a part of their bucket lists. Won’t it be crowded with all those people, you ask? Absolutely not! The Maldives may just be one of the most exclusive places you will ever visit because of its concept of having only “one resort on one island”. You heard that right! The uber measure of exclusivity is having the island almost all to yourself at times and just meeting other guests from time to time. But majority of the time, you are alone in a world of your own! What about if you have kids, you ask? Bring them along! Most five star resorts have children facilities and well-trained staff to keep an eye on your little ones while you go and spend you well-deserved ME time!

There is NO reason NOT to visit the Maldives. There is something for everyone, over 80 private resorts to choose from depending on your needs and wants, various activities to keep you entertained, hours and hours of solitude and peace, and different shades of blue all around you to keep you relaxed and satisfied. So, what are you waiting for? Make your dream vacation a reality and get in touch with our travel counselors TODAY!