Here in the Maldives everything is a little bit smaller than average, from the friendly hobbit sized folk to the tiny islands that measure less than a university campus, so it is not a surprise that our fruits are fun sized too. Allthough our fruits are half the size of what is considered normal believe me when I say they twice as tasty.

In Maldives this time of year is called “Bahaaru Moosun” or Spring. Ripe Mangoes, Guavas, Bananas, Water Apples, Custard apples, stone apples, Passion fruit and other tropical fruits can be found in abundance in our markets. Once you have tasted one of our Mangoes you will certainly come back for more. Mango Juice, Mango smoothies, dried ripe mango, Mango Chutney, Mango Mousse and Mango Sauce are just some of the delightful treats you can prepare. The smell itself will send your taste buds into overdrive. The tropical Mango trees at this time of year look like they are decorated with yellow lights, it is a beautiful sight to behold.  This is also the hottest time of the year, which in turn makes it the best time of year to pick fruits like Water apples, Watery rose apples, sugar apples and stone apples thanks to the low water content. It is just amazing how everything comes together perfectly because on warm days when your lips and mouth are dry it is so very satisfying to bite on a sweet Watery Rose apple. Some of you might have not even heard of stone apples the closest thing to an apple we have down here, but it is an actual tropical fruit. At this time of year the fruits outnumber the leaves on stone apple trees and it is so much fun to pick and eat. Sour when green and sweet when ripe these little apples are a must try. I have not been able to find the exact reason why but if you get the chance to visit one of our small villages you will be pleasantly surprise to see that in almost every house there is a guava tree. Tropical Guavas are extremely sweet and a great source of vitamin C another vital supplement to battle the heat and it is also supposed to wonders for your skin. Although Bananas and Passion fruit is available throughout the year the taste is much richer during spring. Sugar apples are hard to come by but during this time of the year you can probably buy some from the local market.

Maldives maybe famous for its beaches and reefs but there is a lot more to these tiny islands than meets the eye, so be sure to go fruit picking if you happen to be here between February and April.