The Maldives maybe famous for its beaches, but the fact remains that it is 99 percent salt water. The sea is the first thing you see when you come to the Maldives and the last thing you see when you leave it. Even when you land on the airport it will appear as if you are landing on the water. Turquoise shallow lagoons, and clear blue reefs give way to the deep blue seas. The Aerial view of the Maldives is exquisite but you have seen nothing, till you dive into the crystal clear waters and experienced what lies beneath.

First came the Beach Villas that brought guests close to the water but not quite in it. Then came the Water Villas built on stilts that made it possible to eat, sleep and live on the water. In recent years another trend has surfaced, and it is “underwater dining”. This experience will leave you satisfied beyond your wildest expectations. More and more resorts are opening underwater restaurants with breath taking views of the amazing coral reefs and a wide variety of spectacular marine life. Let us explore some of the underwater dining options available in the Maldives today.

In 2014 the “New York Daily News” named Ithaa Restaurant “The most beautiful restaurant in the world”. Built 16 feet below sea level it is the first of its kind and to this day it is still winning awards. The Restaurant is located at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island, part of the Conrad Hotels and Resorts chain. The restaurant serves contemporary European Cuisine and offers a six course dinner menu and a four course lunch menu. The food is delightful and the view is unbeatable glass restaurant. Schools of colorful fish, Sharks, Rays and even the occasional turtle make an appearance while you indulge in fine cuisine.

SEA, aptly named, is another treasure located a few meters below sea level at Anantara Kihaavah one of the most popular resorts in the Maldives today. SEA is home to the finest under water Wine Cellar featuring wines from 9 decades. Simple and stylishly decorated, prepare to be amazed by the hypnotic movements of the vibrant marine life. Colorful fish of different shapes and sizes entertain you while you enjoy food from all over the world. One thing for sure you can never really dine alone at the “SEA”.

Next on the list we have the world largest all glass restaurant, 5.8 Undersea Restaurant located on the island of Hurawalhi. The choices are literally limitless at this incredible venue, the view is ever changing, and the menu features delights from different parts of the world. Everything tastes better with a gorgeous view but the at 5.8 Undersea Restaurant chefs go out of their way to impress the guests who dare to dive deeper.

Another cleverly named Underwater Restaurant M6M or Minus 6 Meters located at Maadhoo is a Seafood restaurant that puts the Sea in Seafood. Modern, Luxurious and tastefully decorated to complement the exotic views M6M, is exceptional in every way. Tantalizing Seafood dishes tickle your taste buds while you treat your eyes to a show like no other.

Niyama is home to the most aesthetically pleasing underwater restaurants there is in the Maldives, and perhaps the world. You have to take a speedboat to reach this absolute masterpiece. Once you reach the restaurant you have to take a three-tier stair case lit by Italian chandeliers that highlight the distinctive designs inspired by the sea. And inside Capiz shells are strung up on the ceilings creating a shiny, shimmery, dreamy effect while the chairs look like sea anemone. Enjoy enchanting views while you sip on champagne and dine on delightful cuisine, carefully chosen for your pleasure. 


So if you do not already have Underwater dining on your bucket list I would advise you to add it. The experience is truly something to write home about.